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On-site coaching – built around real needs

On-site coaching
  • Playful coaching preparationBased on the company’s precise goals and interests
  • Offers employees practically relevant support and resources to develop and employ skills
  • Focuses on the goal
  • Relies close co-operation of manager, employee and coach
  • Methodologically integrated in the everyday business
  • Substantiates learnt content and creates transferable skills

Forms of on-site coaching:

  • Individual on-site coaching; focusing on leadership skills in telephone based as well as direct client contact
  • Group/ team on-site coaching with identical goals and aims
Our approach

Meeting for coachingWe want to help you develop and employ skills and helpful patterns of behaviour in relation to your clients against the backdrop of specific requirements in individual positions.

The fundamental difference between ‘coaching’ and ‘on-site coaching’ is that the latter is built around the company’s interests and aims. Thus, it is focusing on accountability to the management rather than individually and freely chosen topics.

Who benefits from on-site coaching?


Managers/ executives looking for assistance in the process of acquiring and implementing new tools for (e.g. goal definition and
agreement talks, feedback systems, coaching role as superior etc.).

Specialists and employees with special tasks aiming at the development and training of skills and conduct as part of their job. This might for example be dialogues in difficult and demanding client contact, goal-driven moderation of team meetings etc.

Support for seminar and training participants, seeking to ensure the transfer of new skills and knowledge.

On-site coaching – the process

Taking notes for coachingFirst meeting and contract
Wishes, goals, expectations
First-hand impression at the work place

Gain an overview of job contents and processes
Shadowing in respective job situations
Single out themes and potential for development

Status quo and goals

Establish characteristics of current situation & gather feedback
Ascertain themes in focus (boss, co-workers, coach)

Workplace shadowing and intervention

Collect and evaluate possible solutions
Formulate concrete areas and means of change
Develop an action plan with concrete measures
Agree steps for their implementation

EvaluationSay good bye to stress and hello to success

How can results be put into practice?
Which aspects may require further work?
In which way can this be done?


Final meeting – reflection on and assessment of the process and results obtained


A selection of customer projects

  • In a project of on-site coaching – providing guidance for managers/ executives and employees to improve client relations (industries: commercial vehicles, health care)
  • In a project of organisational coaching – providing guidance for employees in the implementation of client relation optimisation measures (industry: PR/ advertising)
  • Professional customer contacts – Design and development of internal and external customer focus, planning and implementation (several sectors)
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