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Impulse Coaching – precise, effective, essential

What is it about?

This solution-focused brief coaching is based on the principles of the ‘Reflecting Team’.

Reflecting teamThe aim is an accurate, immediate intervention in order to (re-) activate resources and potential to open up new perspectives to get stagnating processes flowing, ease conflict-ridden relations or allow innovative, unconventional new ideas.

Resources and potential solutions are usually within reach; we will help you activate and exploit those.

How does Impulse Coaching work?

Two systemic consultants take part – only by watching from the outside – in a real situation (e.g. team meeting, employee conversation etc.)

After the meeting, conversation… the consultants take time to reflect and exchange their impressions and perceptions from the previous situation – this is not shared with the team or clients (yet). You (your team, fellow employees) are only passively listening.

Subsequently, you discuss the consultants’ dialogue and the proposed improvements and approaches.

This series of events can be run repeatedly.

What are the benefits of the Impulse Coaching?

Giving an impulseYou obtain solutions and approaches in exactly the situation you need them in. Long lasting problem analysis and coaching processes can be replaced and you and everyone involved get precise and immediate help in real situations and conditions.

You can develop constructive and innovative solutions by focusing on resources and dormant potential rather than problems and channelling your energy effectively.

Who is conducting Impulse Coaching?

The systemic consultant Anneliese Tonn-Pollex has years of experience in the systemic process consulting, organizational development and coaching.

Please contact us if you are interested!

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