Coaching helps you structure and clarify situations on the job

To us coaching is an individualised process of consulting and advice in a business context. This is the ideal choice if you are looking for answers to central questions, solutions for immediate problems and conflict-ridden situations as well as clear reflection and advice in times of change in the job.

CoachingParticipants at a group work
  • Provides concrete help
  • Focuses on resources to find solutions
  • Is goal-driven
  • Takes place within a clear time frame
  • Is highly compatible with everyday experience and business on the job
Forms of coaching:
  • Individual coaching – one on one with the coachee
  • Tandem coaching – e.g. coaching of dialogues/ discussions between employees of different hierarchies; coaching in conflicted
  • situations between two individuals
  • Team coaching – for project teams, leadership teams or task forces
  • Impulse coaching – short-term coaching for immediate and spot-on intervention
  • On-Site Coaching – a task-related support in the development and implementation of skills and behaviours
Our approach

Group constellationCoaching – through a qualified coach – can lead to a new take on self-perception and trigger processes of change. New and broader perspectives open the path to new experiences, instilling you with a new awareness of your behaviour and actions, putting you in control.

Against this backdrop, we – as coaches – are ‘process consultants’. We support our client (coachee) to re-frame their own situation and cooperatively develop possible individual solutions rather than providing ready-made one-fits-all solutions. If required, however, we also offer expert consulting e.g. in the shape of brief trainings as part of the coaching process.

Our approach of ‘systemic coaching’ means that topics and questions as brought up by the coachee are not treated in isolation but always in the overarching context of the relevant system (e.g. team, division, etc.). Thus coaching also develops a positive influence on the immediate working environment as such.

Who benefits from coaching?Group in interaction


Managers/ executives looking to improve and intensify dialogues with external business partners focusing on particular questions – we can provide help if you are looking at immediate decisions, redefining your strategy and goals or the solution of conflicts.
Specialists and employees with particular tasks looking to overcome obstacles or finding ways to reach goals in the course of personal development on the job – help can be provided if it is about special projects and overall perspectives in your personal development alike.

Coaching – the process
First meeting and contract

Wishes, goals, expectations

Inventory – where are we, where do we want to goCoaching process

Where are we now and how did we get here?
What is the ideal future scenario?

Intervention and change

Define sub-ordinate targets for concrete measures; create solution strategies


What results have been obtained and how do they compare to previously defined goals?


Final meeting – reflection on and assessment of the process and obtained results

Time frame

A standard coaching process usually normally needs five to twelve meetings. Single meetings may last between 1 ½ and 4 hours.

Selected customer projects

  • In a project of on-site coaching – providing guidance for managers/ executives and employees to improve client relations (industries: commercial vehicles, health care)
  • Conflict resolution and more efficient cooperation in the management team (industry: water)
  • Advice on career development (career anchor model for Edgar Schein; Industries: IT, hotels)
  • Optimising personal performance – self-representation in discussions and presentations (industry: measuring and control technology)
  • Clarification of roles – playing a new leadership position (industry: exhibition company)
  • Establishing a call centre in for external communication purposes – concept development and realisation: costumer relation, employee education, leadership skills, coaching, ‘train the trainer’ (Industry: Telecommunication)
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