Shaping the future – creating change

Organisational consulting support and guidance in processes of change.

The operative business is of particular importance. Customers have to be supplied and satisfied. In other words, production processes need to work, marketing divisions have to come up with innovative forms or representation and sales teams should win over potential clients and bring home substantial revenue.

In order to secure future success, prevailing structures, processes, habits and rules have to be revised and questioned. Possibly, new internal and external conditions have to be adjusted.

We will tackle the following aspects together with you:Several people are discussing their approach

  • Are internal processes in line with the strategic direction?
  • Is there a clearly defined set of corporate identity and values? Are these properly implemented, transparent and available to all employees?
  • Are there succinct corporate core values and goals in the operative branch?
  • How do the skills and abilities of employees match the strategic direction and objectives of the company?
  • How well do different divisions, teams and project teams cooperate to achieve the ultimate goal of costumer satisfaction?

Our approach to consulting

When goal-driven and sustainable change is meant to be achieved, the employees are at heart. Thus, it is crucial to integrate them in the process, starting with the inventory to the performance check. Depending on the goal and task, hierarchy-flexible task force teams may be formed. These again work closely with us to work on the following aspects:

  • After successfully completing workClarification of the topic area (what is it about?) and setting the target (where do we want to go?)
  • Inventory (what is the current situation like?)
  • Defining goals (where is supposed to have changed once the project is complete and how will this show?)
  • Drawing up strategies and measures; outline responsibilities (who will do what?)
  • Implementation and evaluation of the operation
  • Checking success (were all goals reached?)
  • Developing and introducing tools to ensure results (how do we ensure sustainability?)

A selection of customer projects – organisational consulting

  • Organisation consultation – review (& refinement) of structure and process organisation, design and implementation of staff development (industry: advertisers)
  • Harmonisation of marketing planning in European branches (industry: chemicals)
  • Service Excellence – developing and implementing a uniform service mentality (industry: facade and window)
  • Supervisor assessment – development, design and execution (sector: logistics and materials handling)
  • Team development processes in customer service, design and implementation (industry: Information technology and healthcare)
  • Establishing a call centre in for external communication purposes – concept development and realisation: costumer relation, employee education, leadership skills, coaching, ‘train the trainer’ (Industry: Telecommunication)
  • Positioning – Development and implementation of a market positioning (sectors: airline, several educational institutions)
  • Various creative workshops for product development (industry: investment and consumer goods)
  • Developing a service and marketing strategy (Industries: Medical equipment; commercial vehicles)
  • Improving customer service / development of a customer service strategy (industry: medical devices)
  • Inspiring our clients: Project to implement Customer Relationship Management (industry: film)
  • Professional customer contacts – Design and development of internal and external customer focus, planning and implementation (several sectors)
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