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Blue Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean Strategy is a method to develop sustainably profitable business strategies (invented by W.Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne at the INSEAD Business School, Fontainebleau).

Blue vs. red ocean

The basic idea of the scheme is to create sustainable success by developing and promoting innovative and new markets by offering clients and potential clients gains that are different from others. These are relevant to the clients and make you special – so called Blue Oceans.

present Beratung und Training will help you to find a Blue Ocean for your company. We have developed two workshops, in which we will lay the foundations:

2-day workshop ‘START’- preparation and compliance analysis of the current situation
  • Conduct an analysis of the current strategic position in the market
  • Develop new strategic fields
  • Evaluate results of the previous analysis, presentation of different methods to arrive at new and creative ideas
  • Take first steps in the development of approaches for new business fields
1-day workshop GO (approximately six weeks after the START-Workshop)
  • Presentation and evaluation of policy options
  • Presentation and evaluation of the ideas developed since the last workshop
  • Implementation plan to realise the new approaches
  • Precise and detailed dividing up and planning of tasks

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